Power for the job.

Let SolarCrate design and install a custom power system in your utility trailer, work van, or toy hauler. Our systems have enough power to run lights, small appliances, tools, battery chargers, etc. Each of our systems is designed to specifically address your power needs so you can be assured that you’ll have the power you need, when you need it.



Power for your shed, barn, or cabin.

If you’re hauling a gasoline powered generator with you to run power at your outbuildings or cabin, a fixed SolarCrate generator at those remote locations may be the solution. SolarCrate designs and installs powerful fixed units to provide power to run wells, tools, lights, appliances in just about any location. Panels can be roof mounted or ground mounted to maximize the recharge capability of your system.


Power for your home.

Talk with SolarCrate before you install that big gasoline or propane fired generator for your house. The GenaCrate is a battery-based solar generator that can provide power to the critical circuits in your home when the grid goes down. Our systems work with an automatic transfer switch that senses when the grid is down and immediately shifts to power from the GenaCrate so you’ll hardly notice the outage.




So, you’ve done a lot of research on the internet and you’re ready to try your hand at solar. SolarCrate can provide design services, advice and provide the parts you need to help you get started in your own home solar system.