SunOfAfrica.com is a subsidiary of FreshBundle.com, an international business development organization that helps business enter and grow in Africa. Fresh Bundles has helped manufacturers and service companies grow by showing them how to take advantage of African business opportunities.

SunOfAfrica.com was organized to help bring an American solar company to African. Solarcratepower.com is an American company dedicated to manufacturing solar energy equipments that draws energy from the sun and supplies it to your house or business. We are the sole representatives of this US company based in Edinburg, Virginia.

SolarCrate LLC specializes in addressing the needs of those customers requiring solar energy to power their their home or business. SolarCrate researches, designs and manufactures expandable stand alone solar energy equipments that brings energy power to you uninterrupted for 30 years.

Lets use the abundant African sun guaranteed by an American company.


We also design security systems to protect your home when you are away.

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